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Nahka pony overhaul

Nahka pony overhaul

Name: Nahka pony overhaul

File size: 153mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



Now, needless to say that this pack took quite a while to make. I think I started over nine months a Pony Overhaul: Females Release. So, here are the source files people have been asking. For males, I think you can use the original male source files for Braeburn's style. The pony compiling tutorial, you might find some useful tips there: (Official reupload) THIS WASN'T MADE BY ME, CREDITS TO NAHKA AND CHIRAMII-CHAN. Nahka had some problems with the workshipper.

Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. Info here: Pony-Overhaul-Females-Release After six months of work, rework, and testing, “Nahka's Pony Overhaul: Females Pack” for Source Filmmaker [SFM] and Garry's Mod [Gmod] are. These are the yet most used and most advanced pony models you will ever get! Those are used in all newer pony related Source Filmmaker.

Behold, Nahka's pony overhaul (AKA: Version 4) is finally here! Check out the source for quick & easy download. And while you guys are at it, Give ol' Nahka a . hey man ^^ love ur addons pony ones you said some one els is posting your pony addones on steam you know who?? or you'r DA account is the only place . bulletblue: Ponies and major sport events:bulletblue: Gmod Anthro pony NPC/ PM tutorial (part 4) by probirdbrain .. Overhaul Pony Pack by Poninnahka.


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